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Electronic Manufacturing Services for Wearables

Wearable devices are a huge contributor to the ever connected world we live in. Helping us to be fitter, better, healthier and more organized, product innovators are always on the edge of a technology breakthrough which could impact our lives. At Asteelflash, as an electronic contract manufacturing company, we support wearable devices manufacturing from the design stage by focusing on design to cost and assembly, as well as user experience to provide the highest level of pleasure and functionality.
The wearables market will soon hit 1 billion devices, worldwide. We’re proud to be a part of it, as an electronics manufacturing company, on behalf of our customers.

The wearables market will soon hit 1 billion devices, worldwide. We’re proud to be a part of it, on behalf of our customers.

Medical? Industrial? Entertainment? Wearable are changing the way we live, in multiple industries and environment. As simple as wristband, a headset or a Virtual Reality device, wearable are the next big thing, forecasted to skyrocket and change our uses of electronic devices.

Wearable, from an electronic manufacturing perspective, are complex products. Lots of technology in reduced space brings the complexity level to one of the highest: having an experienced electronic manufacturing and design partner becomes instrumental in bringing a reliable and scalable product, which will eventually be produced in hundreds of thousands. Identifying these challenges from the get go makes us the right partner to team up with, from soft tooling and prototyping to actual mass production.

At Asteelflash, we bring electronic manufacturing solutions, from design, engineering and manufacturing services, to new product introduction (NPI) services, EMS supply chain managament, mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for Wearable, our capabilities include:

Safety / Security industrial devices

Medical wearable devices

Educational technology devices (Ed tech)

Audio devices

Asset tracking devices and systems

Cost sensitive manufacturing locations:

Electronic Manufacturing Services In Suzhou, China

EMS company – China


Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Tijuana, Mexico

EMS company – Mexico


Electronic Manufacturing Services In La Soukra, Tunisia

EMS company – Tunisia


Asteelflash Plzeň

EMS company – Czech Republic


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