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Electronic Manufacturing Services company & Contract Manufacturer for Medical industry

Electronic Manufacturing Services for Medical

A footprint of ISO 13485 certified supporting your manufacturing requirements in one of the most stringent industry: our Medical capabilities cover a wide range of specific segments from diagnosis equipment to handheld devices, from printed circuit boards assembly (PCBA) to finished products assembly.

Quality, processes and traceability are key components of a successful medical product: with our PCBA history and as a contract manufacturing company, we, at Asteelflash, support our customers at each stage of their product lifecycle with a relevant footprint of ISO 13485 certified facilities, supporting your growth in each region.

Patients experience is what matters.

Patients experience is what matters.

Serving the medical industry has been in Asteelflash’s DNA since its first day. Our Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company supports industry pioneers worldwide from any of our five ISO 13485 certified facilities, we focus on medium/high mix to low/medium volume projects, putting our expertise and approach to regulatory compliance standards, at the service of our customers’ products. From imaging devices to eHealth equipment, we, ISO 13485 certified EMS company, deliver engineering & manufacturing services to medical devices.

We support our customers competitiveness and contribute to improving patients’ final experience in building reliable and technologically advanced products on behalf of our partners, with care.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for Medical, our full solution include:

Imaging devices and equipment

Diagnosis devices and equipment

Point of care diagnosis


Sleep regulation systems

Hearing aid devices and equipment

Our Medical Excellence Centers

High-End Electronic Manufacturing Services In Silicon Valley, US

EMS company – United States of America


Asteelflash Raleigh

EMS company – United States of America


Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Tijuana, Mexico

EMS company – Mexico


Electronic Manufacturing Services In Suzhou, China

EMS company – China


Asteelflash Est

EMS company – France


Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Langon, France

EMS company – France


Asteelflash Eberbach

EMS company – Germany


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