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Electronic Manufacturing Services for Aerospace

Aerospace electronics and systems require specific attention: no room for malfunction and highest level of reliability are needed at all times to perform under extreme conditions. At Asteelflash, we have identified and addressed these challenges of aerospace engineering services long ago.
As a contract manufacturer and EMS company, we deliver top engineering and manufacturing services to our clients.

Manufacturing of your product, like floating on a cloud.

Cutting-edge equipment and years of expertise allow us to be one of the most active printed circuit board assembly manufacturers in EMS for aerospace. Through our network of certified facilities, we support your growth with unmatched quality and service, all along the lifecycle of your products, thanks to our end-to-end product lifecycle solutions. The aerospace market specifically calls for additional quality requirements given the extreme conditions the electronics are usually exposed to, from extreme cold to extreme heat, altitude and vibration areas, with no room for malfunctioning units in the field.

We, as one of the best electronic manufacturing service providers, are proud to support our customers at each stage of their product lifecycle, from design to mass production. With 6 facilities AS 9100 certified, we manufacture technologically complex products for partners across the board, from commercial and civil applications to military grade equipment.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for Aerospace, we deliver a full solution:

In flight entertainment systems

Electrical transmission

Energy Management

Seat systems and modules



Beacons and radars

Our Aerospace Excellence Centers

Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Langon, France

EMS company – France


Asteelflash Bedford

EMS company – United Kingdom


Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Tijuana, Mexico

EMS company – Mexico


Asteelflash Raleigh

EMS company – United States of America


Asteelflash Eberbach

EMS company – Germany


Asteelflash Normandie

EMS company – France


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