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Asteelflash is a global leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Supply-Chain Management solutions, and a member of USI (SSE: 601231), Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with 17 manufacturing locations and more than 6’000 employees worldwide. Asteelflash strives to offer advanced technical capabilities, innovative manufacturing solutions, dedication, and a high level of service to all our partners. Flexibility, Reliability, and Performance make us your preferred partner.

Your partner, bringing your products to life.

From co-design and engineering services to mass-production, we support you in efficiently bringing your products to life. Offering Printed-Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA), Box-Build Assembly, Full Product Assembly, and Conformal Coating and Surface Treatment, Testing, and Fulfillment, we focus on technologically advanced markets with high complexity boards requiring a high level of expertise.

With the objective of exceeding your requirements, we foster any opportunity to rationalize your production process and suggest design improvements to reduce the cost of manufacturing and time to market.

More than just assembly: value-added services specific to your market and supporting your growth.

Expert in electronics assembly, we support our partners from various industries and end markets.

From automotive to medical, connected devices, or industrial applications, our services are comprehensive: the full solution.

EMS Company For Automotive Industry Excellence


Electronic Manufacturing Services For The Internet Of Things (IoT)


EMS Communications Industry Specialists


Full-Service Aerospace Electronics Manufacturer


Consumer Electronics Supplier Of Smart & Connected Technologies


EMS For Military And Defense – ITAR Certified


EMS Company For Energy Management & Sustainable Solutions


Expert, Solutions-Driven EMS For The Medical Industry


Advanced EMS For Smart Building Technology


High-End EMS For Cutting-Edge Smart Home Products


Cutting-Edge, Premium EMS For Wearable Devices


Thinking globally yet acting locally, serving complex and highly demanding industries

With a global mindset and organization yet local teams performing and supporting your product lifecycle on a daily basis, we support highly complex and technologically advanced projects.

Our footprint and extensive expertise allow a large array of innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions. With standardized processes and culture, our solutions are scalable, offering proximity and scalability whenever needed.

Designed to your needs and streamlined for competitiveness, we support your growth.

Our growth, focused on service.

From a local contract manufacturer to a global partner:

1999 1999

Asteel was founded in Greater Paris Area. Gilles Benhamou, the CEO, gives birth to a local Electronic contract manufacturer focusing on serving the French market.

2005 2005

Asteel Technology is founded as a subsidiary of Asteel, specializing in Mechatronics and Plastic molding in France.

2008 2008

Asteel acquires MRP, a UK-based local contract manufacturer located in Bedford, Greater London Area.

2008 2008

Asteel acquires Flash Electronics, at the time consisting of Fremont, California (USA) and Suzhou, China facilities. With a high level of synergies, Asteelflash is created.

Asteelflash was born.

2011 2011

Asteelflash acquires TES Electronics in Langon (Bretagne, France).

2012 2012

Asteelflash acquires Catalyst EMS, adding Raleigh (North Carolina, USA) and Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico) to its footprint.

2012 2012

Acquisition of Electronic Network in Germany & Czech Republic, adding 4 facilities and 1 Design Center (with in-house prototyping capabilities).

2017 2017

Asteelflash builds a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in La Soukra (Tunisia) with the latest technologies available on the market, supporting cost-sensitive manufacturing projects mainly targeted at the European market.

2020 2020

Asteelflash was acquired by USI. USI is one of the leaders in electronic design, manufacturing service, and modularization with diversified global footprints and miniaturization solutions.

Global Locations

With 18 production sites on 4 continents, Asteelflash Group is able to meet customer needs on a global scale

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Vision & Mission

An extension of your company. Your true partner.

Bringing our expertise to the table, we provide seamless engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business. Focusing on a high level of service, reliability, and quality, we offer unmatched contract manufacturing services for your benefit.

Our vision

Our vision at Asteelflash is to bringing your products to life and building the products of tomorrow. Doing so, we aim at being recognized as the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner by our customers.

Our Mission

At Asteelflash, we want to provide design, engineering and contract manufacturing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, ultimately increasing their competitiveness and bringing their products to life as efficiently as possible.

Our values

We believe in simple and honest values, supported by a streamlined organization and made possible by a hands-on leadership team leading by example.

Each and any of our values embodies the result-driven mindset of our organization. The constant quest for excellence is our guide.

This approach is highlighted by the quality of our Electronic Manufacturing Services, provided with expertise and professionalism by fully committed collaborators across the globe.

These values embody the vitality and excellence of our company more than ever. The constant quest for excellence is our guide. This approach is reflected in the quality of our services, based on the expertise and talent of our employees all over the world. Gilles Benhamou, CEO & Founder of Asteelflash

Asteelflash Excellence System

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is Asteelflash’s quality standard and consists of sets of processes aiming at implementing and measuring our effectiveness in a continuous improvement mode. It is implemented in all our departments, covers all functions, and is regularly audited, insuring the highest quality standards for our customers.

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is a key commitment of Asteelflash towards its mission: being the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner.

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is based on six (6) pillars.


The Program Management pillar is critical to Asteelflash’s success as it directly relates to customer satisfaction. It encompasses all the processes and tools used on a daily basis to achieve complete customer satisfaction measured by the Voice of the Customer. Placing the customer at the heart of our organization, we commit to provide consistent Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).


The Quality pillar of the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is a set of tools and processes implemented internally and geared towards exceeding our customers’ expectations, focusing on quality control plan, inspection plan, business continuity plan. It is implemented at each and any of our 18 sites and symbolizes our commitment to continuous improvement, making Asteelflash the right contract manufacturer to partner with.


Our employees are critical to our success and the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) thrives to deploy the appropriate resources and processes, making sure we source, select, train and reward our collaborators the right way. By putting safety first, improving our collaborators working conditions and sharing respectable values, we believe Asteelflash to be an honest and respectful Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner.


Improving our labor and equipment efficiency, in order to reduce costs while never compromising quality of our products. Our Lean Manufacturing principles are geared towards enhancing productivity and optimizing our costs, thus strengthening our customers’ competitiveness, whatever the product or the industry; Providing flexible and efficient contract manufacturing solutions, worldwide.


Ensuring Design for Manufacturing best practices are well implemented and standardized across our facilities, the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) determines the objective, the processes and measures our design services efficiency, insuring relevant sharing of expertise worldwide and scalability of our Electronic Manufacturing Services.


Our global material supply chain management is focused on landed cost when and where our customers need it the most: it is a critical orientation of the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES). Placing customer satisfaction at the heart of our supply chain, we believe in quality of components and reliability of our preferred suppliers network, offering adaptable contract manufacturing solutions to our customers.

Gilles Benhamou Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Andrew Wu Executive Vice President, Asteelflash Asia
Felix Timmermann Executive Vice President, Asteelflash Eastern Europe
Nicolas Denis Executive Vice President, Asteelflash Western Europe

Management team

Asteelflash is guided towards success by a seasoned Leadership team, with lifetime experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) as well as Tech companies. Key individuals working together towards the same goal and sharing the same vision is important in terms of relevance, providing reliability and performance to our customers.

Ramy Karoun Vice President Supply Chain Management, Worldwide

Why choose us

Customer focus

Each and any of our customers is considered a partner. We work as an extension of your team and provide the support you need when you need it.


With 27 factories on 4 continents, we support you everywhere you need it.


With 20 years of expertise, we know the manufacturing challenges of bringing products to life.


Quality is one of our pillars and we aim at an uncompromised quality level through seasoned teams, streamlined processes, cutting-edge equipment, and lean manufacturing standards applied daily.

Value-added services

Beyond Printed-circuit board assembly (PCBA) & Box-Build, we provide end-to-end services, in-house.

Full solution

From design to manufacturing and direct fulfillment to your customers: our solution is completely integrated, for your benefit.

Hands-on leadership team

Our leadership team leads by example and works on a daily basis in direct contact with our customers, considered strategic partners.

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