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Electronic Manufacturing Services for Automotive

The automotive industry has very stringent requirements in terms of operations and processes, quality and on time deliveries. All of which being priorities and at the heart of Asteelflash’s rules of operations, worldwide. As an automotive electronics company and automotive PCBA manufacturer, we, at Asteelflash, deliver high quality services in engineering, design and prototyping.

Process driven. Result oriented. Expertise at your service.

Automotive electronics require the highest level of quality given the related applications, changing the way we live and move around, across the board. Electronics are the main contributor to the connected vehicle revolution we are witnessing.
Thanks to electronic manufacturing solutions, engineering and manufacturing services, we, as an EMS company for years, have developed high-end solutions for automotive electronics.

With electronic content per car expected to increase and contemplating the likelihood of seeing autonomous cars wandering around our streets, we at Asteelflash are proud to contribute to changing the way people live and travel around throughout extensive experience in Automotive-related electronic manufacturing services, from controllers and power modules to infotainment, door modules, camera products, smart lighting, etc.

Our experience as a contract manufacturer in automotive brings to our clients the best electronic manufacturing services (EMS), from design, engineering and prototyping to new product introduction and mass production.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for Automotive, we cover numerous applications:



EV Charging Stations

Chassis and Safety


Power modules

Body & Convenience




Our Automotive Excellence Centers

Electronic Manufacturing Services In Bad Hersfeld, Germany.

EMS company – Germany


High-End Electronic Manufacturing Services In Milpitas, US

EMS company – United States of America


Specialized Electronic Manufacturing Services In Tijuana, Mexico

EMS company – Mexico


Electronic Manufacturing Services In Suzhou, China

EMS company – China


Asteelflash Technologies

EMS company – France


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