Design for Excellence (DfX)

Design for Excellence (DfX)

At Asteelflash, our core expertise is not only to support you on the manufacturing side of your project. We offer integrated design services at each stage of your product lifecycle, identifying the challenges we will face in mass-production environment from the very beginning, therefore strengthening our customers’ design, reducing time to market while increasing their competitiveness.

Making your product ready for manufacturing, and to succeed on the long run.

Our core expertise being manufacturing, we are well educated about the different types of challenges one can encounter on the production floor. By teaming up with the right Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner at the right time, we will provide our expertise and recommendations on design improvements at printed circuit board (PCB) level but also taking the full assembly process into account by reviewing mechanicals and assembly process.

Bringing your product to market is one thing. Doing it efficiently for optimized manufacturing process and therefore cost reduction on the long run, is how we do it.


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Design services, for your benefits:

Design for Manufacturing (Manufacturability)

Design for Assembly

Design for Cost

Design for Testability (Testing)

Our in-house
design centers

Asteelflash Développement

EMS company – France


Electronic-Network Hamburg

EMS company – Germany


Asteelflash Atlantique

EMS company – France


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