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The EMS industry is changing and growing rapidly. Meeting the requirements of this transforming market at a record speed to allow our customers to go to market efficiently is one of our key competitive advantages. In addition to local teams, Asteelflash puts all the required resources in place to support their projects with a global dedicated team, a task force per say. Over the last decade, Asteelflash has been successful through a global strategy combined with local, customer-oriented daily operations, for customers’ benefits.


Challenges are many when ramping up to 1.5 million units’ production, daily.


Our plant in Raleigh (North Carolina – USA) is experiencing one of the biggest ramp-ups that Asteelflash has known in the recent years. The project involves a daily production of +1.5 million units with a target of 525 million units in 2018, resulting in the plant operating 24/7 with 4 rotating teams on a 12 hours shift, each. The plant will soon accommodate two new machines that will produce +720,000 additional units per day for a total of 780 million units in 2018. To meet the requirements of our client, Gilles Benhamou, CEO of Asteelflash, wanted to strengthen local teams by setting up a task force focusing on different areas of the manufacturing process.

Five key team members were designated to support the local Raleigh teams (left to right):

\ Loic Le Berre, Quality Engineer based in Langon, FR;
\ Leo Klein, Engineer based in Bad Hersfeld, DE;
\ Georges Klein, Corporate SMT Expert based in Cleury, FR;
\ Manon Quere, Lean Engineer based in La Soukra, TN;
\ Ramiro Ornelas, Global Engineering Process Owner based in Tijuana, MX.


We have interviewed Georges Klein, Corporate SMT Expert, who participated in this project. As part of his corporate functions, this global project is not his first since he does not hesitate to provide his expertise to several of our facilities whenever there is a need.

“I usually travel to plants for the same reasons: there is a new project and local teams need support to improve productivity quickly. Last year, for example, I went to the UK at our Bedford facility to help with SMT lines. Two and a half years ago, I went to Germany to work on equipment maintenance for a massive automotive project.”

“In Raleigh, the project is a little different because it’s about consumer electronics and involves very large quantities. I provide technical support for the teams in place but I also try to ensure that the processes are properly integrated so that the projects can operate independently. I develop training modules but I also share best practices on how to properly use the equipment. The goal for us is to improve productivity while limiting downtime, which can become very expensive for the company and ultimately impacting our customer’s competitiveness.”


Think Global, Act Local.


Georges is the perfect example of the culture and mindset at Asteelflash. He started at Asteelflash more than 15 years ago, setting up feeders for SMT with loading the feeders. He’s today the global leader in SMT processes and best practices, bringing his expertise and know-how to our teams worldwide.

“I feel a certain pride in helping on strategic projects of the company thanks to my corporate position. I continue to learn on a daily basis, not only from a professional point of view but above all, from a cultural point of view. It is particularly rewarding to meet people from all walks of life and to work together, to share our differences of viewpoints, opinions, and so on. I think the – One Goal, One Team, One Company suits me very well. I recognize myself in it and I’m proud to be part of Asteelflash”

Sarah Malwe, Corporate HR Manager, adds that there are many opportunities at Asteelflash. It’s more than a hundred different positions requiring many different skillsets and many opportunities to evolve from one job to another, for a long lasting career at Asteelflash. The mission of Human Resources is to facilitate and strengthen the link between positions. Through a career at Asteelflash, it is not uncommon to change jobs. Georges is a living proof.

Asteelflash connects its employees on a daily basis in the development of projects, operations, and customer relationships.

“We believe in our people and we trust them. There are no geographical barriers at Asteelflash. We have already identified several cases of international mobility and wish to strengthen it further in the coming years,” Sarah says “It is an incredible wealth for local teams, employees of this program but also for the company, to be able to share their knowledge, know-how and exchange talents between regions. Operating in 8 different countries and 18 production sites, international mobility is one of the strategic areas of the Group’s Human Resources in the coming years.”

Indeed, international mobility has already been put forward at Asteelflash for several years through the V.I.E (International Volunteering in Enterprise) program, which has enabled more than 50 young European talents to move to different sites of the group.

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More than engineering processes or equipment capabilities: the people behind the manufacturing & assembly of any product are key to the overall quality and success of a project!

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