New SMT Lines for Mexico Factory in Tijuana, our North America Cost Efficient Manufacturing location.

In response to strong demand from North American customers, Asteelflash has announced investments in additional capacity at its Tijuana, Mexico location. As such, two (2) additional SMT lines (Surface Mount Technology) will be added to its existing equipment portfolio, doubling its capacity for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly). Currently being installed, these will be ready for manufacturing during the 3rd quarter of this year.


Located only a few miles away from the US border with San Diego, Asteelflash Tijuana has experienced tremendous growth over the past two (2) years and continues to generate interest from North American based customers, as well as from companies serving the North American market. “While we see a trend from customers and prospects to bring manufacturing back to the US, Mexico also appears as a more than suitable alternative to Asia, particularly from a logistics and supply chain perspective” says Albert C. Yanez, Executive Vice President of Asteelflash Group and President of Asteelflash Americas.

We are increasing our existing Tijuana capacity in response to customer demand for a robust, low-cost supply-base that has a short and flexible supply-chain able to service the US-market.   AFG’s Tijuana facility provides our customers with a range of highly flexible manufacturing and near-shore fulfillment options. This newly expanded site is capable of fulfilling customers’ product manufacturing requirements from board assembly to finished product for the Automotive, Electric Vehicles (EV), Aerospace, IoT, Industrial, Consumer and Medical markets.


\ Cutting-edge equipment as an overall, global strategy, for customers’ benefits

During the last few years, Asteelflash has been investing in cutting-edge equipment to provide the highest quality and efficiency possible at the right cost, all along the manufacturing process from NPI (New Product Introduction) to volume production. The growth of electronic devices in all industries is so extraordinary that the company has been increasing its manufacturing capacity in every region of the world over the last 2 years.


\ Serving the Automotive, Electric Vehicles (EV), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial and Medical markets

Continuously growing, Asteelflash Tijuana will now be more than sufficiently equipped to strengthen its existing level of service to key market segments but is also ready to tackle the double-digit growth in these verticals from automotive electronics to IoT (Internet of Things) and connected devices, but also industrial grade electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies.

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