More than $2.5M investment in cutting edge equipment at La Soukra – Tunisia

Welcoming our customers, suppliers & partners for an Inaugural Ceremony.


Asteelflash Group announced last year the start of production at its newly-built state of the art facility in La Soukra, Tunisia. This 15,000m² facility, located 15 minutes away from Tunis airport, is the heart of a project called IMTIEZ (‘Excellence’ in local language), implementing a strong, modern, cutting-edge and cost-competitive electronic manufacturing solution supporting the European market.

With a substantial investment of 2.5 million euros to modernize its equipment and increase its production capacity, Asteelflash La Soukra opens its doors to its customers, suppliers and partners for an official inauguration which will take place on May, 12th and 13th.

The purpose of this event is to officially present La Soukra factory and its production capacities, but it will also be the opportunity for the attendees to discover or rediscover Tunisia, which is dear to Asteelflash. This opening ceremony will be held in the presence of Gilles Benhamou, Chief Executive Officer of Asteelflash, as well as Jean-Yves Blot, General Manager of Asteelflash Tunisia, along with his Executive Committee.

Dedicated to excellence and at the gates of Europe, our state of the art facility allows optimized lead times which is mandatory given to the volatility of our customers’ markets, in a highly competitive environment. Our dedicated and responsive teams focusing on customers’ needs, along with the high level of certifications, the means put in place, the training policy and the talents of our people, contribute to offering a Tier-1 quality of service

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