International Internship Program: the beginning of an adventure.

As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, our expertise and know-how are important elements to ensure excellence on our production floors. As a result, Asteelflash supports the V.I.E* program, also known as the International Graduate Program, which, since 2005, has fostered the professional experiences of more than 50 young talents, internationally.


Gilles Benhamou, CEO, and founder of Asteelflash expresses a certain pride about those 50 young talents. This program meets two distinctive expectations: meet operational needs expressed by one of our production facility and satisfy the will of some young talents who want to gain work experience abroad. In addition, as a growing company working in a sector with strong technological innovation, we must think of the skills that will satisfy the demands of the customer of tomorrow. The V.I.E program allows young talents to learn, to grow, to have a rewarding professional mission along with strong responsibilities. At Asteelflash, we consider the program as the beginning of a shared experience. Most of our trainees were offered a professional opportunity elsewhere following their V.I.E. but they chose to stay with Asteelflash. We attach great importance to finding them a position that matches their skills and the needs of the business so that both parties are satisfied, will continue to thrive, with the continued passion, drive and determination that the interns bring to their new roles.

We’ve interviewed Peter Saraiva, Automation Engineer based in Raleigh (North Carolina – USA) since November 2017. He was expressing his satisfaction after 6 months of internship thanks to a dynamic team, a pleasant working atmosphere, and interesting challenges.


Peter wanted to do a V.I.E because it was for him the best way to acquire significant professional experience in a different cultural context than France. But being a V.I.E at Asteelflash has its shares of challenges. “The operational needs of the site required me to work more on Lean Management and Production at the beginning of my internship. Although it was not part of my scope, I took it as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn new skills. Subsequently, my activities have refocused on my experience. My managers trusted me enough to make me responsible for a process automation project. In the end, being V.I.E at Asteelflash requires great adaptability, autonomy and rigor” he said. What definitely convinced him to join us was to have the opportunity to discuss with a former Asteelflash VIE: their experience feedbacks allowed him to realize that there were real opportunities after the period of V.I.E.


This is also what Gaël Hayere told us, Lean Engineer V.I.E from 2013 to 2015. Since he joined Asteelflash, Gaël has worked in different positions at different sites. He first started on the site of La Soukra in Tunisia, then went to Bonn and finished to Bad Hersfeld, Germany. As a regional lean engineer, he did a lot of back and forth between Bonn and Bad Hersfeld. At the end of his internship, he was offered a Project Manager position followed later by a Production Manager position, where he worked on one of the biggest projects in the EEMEA region. In 2016, he became Business Unit Manager. For him, doing a V.I.E at Asteelflash was a risk-taking initially but also provided a great reward for his hard work and dedication. He had other interesting offers but he wanted an international career, to be mobile while learning the different techniques of continuous improvement.

He had not planned to climb the ladder so quickly. If he had to do it again, he would make exactly the same decisions.

For him, having the right attitude in V.I.E is, first of all, to be motivated, dynamic, and willing to learn. The program represents a real opportunity for the international interns but also for the company. The culture of the host country towards young talents is an important factor. Germany is a country that gives room for young talents to grow and learn, the teams have trusted him. For him, the interns must be motivated and stay constructive to be taken seriously.


In short, the VIE program is a success for Asteelflash and for young talents. It is not a short-term relationship that Asteelflash hopes to develop but a long-term partnership. We invest in young talents, we train them, we help them to grow to make them expert in their field.

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(*) VIE is a program reserved to persons who have French or European nationality (i.e. be a national of a Member State of the European Economic Area, which includes the 28 Member States of the European Union including Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Monaco). Anyone aged over 18 and under 28 at the time they register can apply to be an international intern.

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