Market Intelligence – Materials Report | Q2-2019

Since Q1 2019 the market is softening. Some manufacturers have increased their capacity but the main reason is due to Global demand drop, driven by China, the Automotive and smartphone market.

Moving into 2019, MLCC constraints still continue on some values/packages even though we see some softening due to sluggish demands on smartphone and electric car sales and tariffs by the US, but suppliers still expect the automotive demand to continue to drive tight capacity on the larger case sizes for the next year or two. Be advised if the China demand picks up we could be in the same situation we were in last year, but for now, it seems stabilized.


  • ST Micro: reports the market has slowed down and lead times are 20 to 25 weeks in most cases .


  • MOSFETs: The general outlook for MOSFETs is positive, with lead times trending down from 60+ weeks to the 39-42-week range and is expected to fully stabilize by Q4 2019.


  • The market is down for semiconductors and other components, some companies are slowing production on certain commodities.


  • More US tariffs are on hold for now.


  • Brexit has been extended until October 31st, 2019 will advise


  • Yageo acquired the manufacturer: Pulse


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