Market Intelligence Commodity Report | Q1-2019

Please find our Market Intelligence Commodity Report for the first quarter of 2019!



Since December 2018 the market is softening. Some manufacturers have increased their capacity but the main reason is due to Global demand drop, driven by China, the Automotive and smartphone market. After the Chinese New  Year, the demand may increase and create constraints.


  • Moving into 2019, MLCC constraints still continue on some values/packages even though we see some softening.


  • Murata’s last time buy for the larger case sizes is March 2019 and their last shipment March 2020.


  • ST Micro reports the market has slowed down and lead times are 20 to 25 weeks in most cases.


  • The exception is, of course, passives including mosfet’s. ST expects the lead times to remain extremely long on that product family.


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