New product introduction

New Product Introduction

Aiming at excellence from the very beginning. Making a difference, from the outset.

Defining the most cost-effective new product introduction strategy. Setting the pace for the overall management of your product.

At Asteelflash, we strive to do anything possible to speed up time to market without compromising on quality of your product and reliability of your product on the long run. By always taking into account the vision behind our customers’ product, we tirelessly work on implementing the most suitable new product introduction (NPI) strategy, in line with our customers’ expectations and requirements.

To do so, we focus on value-added services guided towards excellence and performance from prototyping, co-design and specifications definition, to design for excellence, design for manufacturing, design for assembly, design for cost and supply-chain optimization.

Thanks to local and dedicated engineering teams, we work on foreseeing the upcoming manufacturing challenges and provide avenues of improvement from the get go.

An extensive array of services, at the service of your product and from the very first step.

Design and Development

Engineering Services

Value-stream mapping

Design for Excellence

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Assembly

Design for Testability (Test)

Design for Cost (Supply Chain)


Design and engineering services, targeted to your market

EMS for Automotive


EMS for Aerospace


EMS for Telecommunication


EMS for Medical


EMS for Defense & Military


EMS for Industrial


EMS for Smart Building


EMS for Smart Home


EMS for Internet of things


EMS for Green technologies


EMS for Wearables


EMS for Consumer Electronics


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