Our Lean Culture

At Asteelflash, Lean principles are part of our culture no matter which location or department we talk about. Lean is part of our global mindset, making Asteelflash a competitive Electronic Manufacturing Services supplier.  

Lean principles support us in improving our efficiency while increasing quality of our products and services, ultimately reducing our PPM level (Parts per Million measurements, certifying our quality on a specific project/product manufacturing).

Whenever improvements are feasible, there are Lean principles to follow this continuous improvement path. By optimizing all our processes, our operations are then simple, easy and clear, making Asteelflash’s processes smooth for customers’ benefits, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Lean is a choice and Asteelflash has committed to it for years now, by eliminating the MUDA – observing and improving our processes and eliminating waste of time or resources.

Thanks to our Lean culture, we:
  • Offer best-in-class Electronic Manufacturing Services to our customers, supporting their growth
  • increase our employees' satisfaction by optimizing working and manufacturing processes
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Your Product Lifecycle

Work with similar VSM / Flow
analysis / Product,
Standards in production,
new process layout
with ergonomics
for best cycle time to meet customer
ODT requirements
Improvement of equipment use and people activity eliminating
MUDA, using Visual Management, 5S.
Performance monitored based on San Gen Shugi using
Continuous improvements process flow