Our Human Resources Policy

By placing Human Resources at the heart of its internal Asteelflash Excellence System, Asteelflash Human Resources Policy is to insure employee engagement and company’s diversity by properly recruiting, developing and rewarding its collaborators, ultimately making Human Resources a pillar of Asteeflash’s growth.

Working closely with Executive Management around the world but also at the local level, Asteeflash’s Human Resources department creates value for the whole organization insuring proper resources are deployed at the right time. It ultimately contributes to Asteelflash’s performance and increase customer satisfaction.

By integrating each and any of our collaborators at Asteeflash, we aim at gathering everyone on-board, sharing the same vision and the same values.

By encouraging leadership and accountability, honesty and respect, our Human Resources department creates the conditions for sustainable and harmonious growth through the following actions:
  • Recruiting the right individuals and young talents to develop within the organization
  • Training and Developing our collaborators, contributing to their inner personal growth
  • Allowing mobility within the Asteelflash group from moving to another country to another job function
  • Increase engagement and boost motivation within our employees
The above mentioned policy makes Asteelflash a reliable and respectful Electronic Manufacturing Services company to join!
Sustainable growth is at the heart of Human Resources responsibility. Join us to make it Happen!
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Human Resources
A high-level of expertise shared worldwide at each level of the value-chain, with dedicated and motivated local support (CFT...),
ensuring proximity to properly manage customers project.