Universal & Standardized IT Systems
for Consistent Electronic Manufacturing Services and Supply Chain

Asteelflash is your preferred Electronic Manufacturing Services partner not only thanks to its state of the art equipment or facilities but also because of its standardized and global IT system, in line with global supply chain challenges of today and tomorrow

With a unique IT system deployed across our 18 manufacturing facilities worldwide, our IT system allows transparency, efficiency and global scalability for our customers’ benefits.

It also insures supply chain management performance, by connecting directly with our suppliers and our customers through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

In terms of quality, each and any of our facilities are also equipped with the relevant systems insuring components traceability as well as a production floor management, enhancing productivity, smooth production planning and inventory control.

Asteeflash’s unique IT system positions the overall company as a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services company, offering the highest level of quality not only in terms of products but also in terms of services to its customers and final users.