Mission, Vision, Values


Asteelflash is a top-industry Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, operating 18 sites worldwide. We believe in continuous improvement and commit ourselves to always strive to be recognized as the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner, offering unmatched contract manufacturing capabilities for our stakeholders’ benefits. 


At Asteelflash, we want to be recognized by our customers as the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner in executing continuous improvement in quality, flexibility, innovation and competitiveness.


At Asteelflash, we want to provide design, engineering and contract manufacturing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and increasing their competitiveness, supporting them in manufacturing the electronics products of tomorrow


Asteelflash is a global Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) leader believing in simple and applicable values focusing on our customers, at the heart of our processes. Shared globally and by each and any of our employees:

- We are Honest and Respectful
- We are Accountable

- We are Passionate about our business

- We are Humble and have the desire to learn

- We Strive for simplicity

 - We want to win

Each and any of the above mentioned values embodies the result-driven mindset of our organization. The constant quest for excellence is our guide.

This approach is highlighted by the quality of our Electronic Manufacturing Services, provided with expertise and professionalism by fully committed employees across the globe.

"These values embody the vitality and excellence of our company more than ever. The constant quest for excellence is our guide. This approach is reflected in the quality of our services, based on the expertise and talent of our employees all over the world", explains Gilles Benhamou.