Excellence System

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is Asteelflash’s internal commitment to implement and to measure our effectiveness in a continuous improvement mode. It is implemented in all our departments, covers all functions and yearly audits and assessments of our performance are being conducted, insuring highest quality standards to our customers.

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is a key commitment of Asteelflash towards its mission: being the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner.  

The Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is based on six (6) pillars:

The Program Management pillar is critical to Asteelflash’s success as it is directly related to customer satisfaction. It encompasses all the processes and tools implemented on a day to day basis to achieve complete customer satisfaction measured by the Voice of the Customer. Placing the customer at the heart of our organization, we commit ourselves to provide consistent Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

The Quality pillar of the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) is a set of tools and processes implemented internally and geared towards exceeding our customers’ expectations. It is implemented at each and any of our 18 sites and symbolizes our commitment to continuous improvement, making Asteelflash the right contract manufacturer to partner with.

Our employees are critical to our success and the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) thrives to deploy the appropriate resources and processes, making sure we source, select, train and reward our collaborators the right way. By putting safety first, improving our collaborators working conditions and sharing respectable values, we believe Asteelflash to be an honest and respectful Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner.
Improving our labor and equipment efficiency, in order to reduce costs while never compromising quality of our products. Our Lean Manufacturing principles are geared towards enhancing productivity and optimizing our costs, thus strengthening our customers’ competitiveness, whatever the product or the industry; Providing flexible and efficient contract manufacturing solutions, worldwide.


Ensuring Design for Manufacturing best practices are well implemented and standardized across our facilities, the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES) determines the objective, the processes and measures our design services efficiency, insuring relevant sharing of expertise worldwide and scalability of our Electronic Manufacturing Services.

With a global material supply chain management focused on landed cost when and where our customers need it the most: this is a critical orientation of the Asteelflash Excellence System (AES). Placing customer satisfaction at the heart of our supply chain, we believe in quality of components and reliability of our preferred suppliers network, offering adaptable contract manufacturing solutions to our customers.
For further information on our Asteelflash Excellence System (AES), please download the AES Guide by clicking here, or on the right hand side of this page.